Purchase Notice

♦️ The online store only accepts VISA and Master credit cards for payment.

♦️ If you need other payment methods, you can go directly to the store to purchase.

♦️ All the goods in this store are sold simultaneously on the website and in the stores. If the goods are sold out, the order will be cancelled and the full amount will be refunded to the customer.

♦️ Be aware that second-hand products may have scratches, stains, and tight joints. For details, please refer to the product image, the actual product condition may be slightly different from the image.

♦️ Defects in brand new unopened products are not within the scope of return. (Including double-adhesive paper paste checked by the manufacturer)

♦️ The goods may be damaged during transportation, and the corners of the packaged products may wear out. Please purchase after understanding.

♦️ Products with batteries will operate normally without additional explanation of damage.

♦️ There is no guarantee that the outer box of each box will be as new, so perfectionists should not buy it.

The personal information of the applicant is absolutely safe and confidential, and the relevant information will be used to authorize administration and provide services to members.

♦️ There is no return or exchange for goods going out.

♦️ The copyright of the content and photos uploaded on the website belongs to Nibanme.

♦️ Nibanme reserves the right of final decision.

♦️ After the order payment is confirmed, all orders cannot be cancelled and refunded.

♦️ Customers who need to exchange goods must keep the packaging intact and bring the purchase record to the Nibanme store for exchange service within 14 days from the date of purchase.

♦️ We currently do not provide express return and exchange services. If you need to return the goods to our company, please visit the Erbanme store in person.

♦️ The product can be returned and exchanged only once.

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