Recycled toys, new and second-hand also

Nibanme toys are recycled at a high price!!! Both new and old are available!!!
The volume of goods is large and the person will come to collect it 🚛🚛🚛!!!
WHATSAPP image instant quotation!!!
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TEL NO: 6150 0057
Our store collects any old and new toys at a high price in cash (main recycling, models, super alloys, 1/6, RAH, HOTTOYS, Jingpin, BANDAI, LEGO, etc.)
If in doubt
Please call or WHATSAPP for inquiries
Address: Room 03, 11th Floor, Sino Center, Mong Kok
Business hours 13:00-21:00PM (MON-SUN)

If you have any enquiry

Welcome Whatsapp us 61500057